JL David Agency ‘s Theatrical Division focuses on securing roles for actors who wish to appear on the big screen.  The agency represents some of the industry’s most respected veteran actors, character actors, and the next generation of both leading men and women. The Theatrical Division is fully committed to its actor’s creative processes and their unwavering passion for performing. JL David Agency’s President, Jenn David has created an environment that is centered on teamwork, communication, and openness among themselves and clients. 


Many industry producers and directors view JL David Agency as the source for the next youth actor superstar.  The agency has earned its reputation as a haven for young actors. While not all youth actors will receive an Academy Award nomination, JL David has consistently placed its youngest professionals in career-launching roles.   The agency’s team has had tremendous success in helping its clients reach their highest goals.


Since its inception, JL David Agency has dedicated a tremendous amount of energy to place its actors in commercials.  To maximize employment opportunities for its clients, the agency seeks work in traditional broadcast and cable television as well as in digital media and the Internet. Through its longstanding relationships with major advertising agencies around the country, JL David has and will continue to find commercial jobs for its clients.


The Print Division has earned a well-deserved reputation for representing a wide variety of models.  The division boasts a roster of men, women, and children that represent a large cross-section of the nation’s population.  JL David Agency repeatedly secures modeling assignments in fashion, beauty, fitness, and commercial advertising.  Throughout its history, the Print Division has been instrumental in launching the careers of many new models. JL David Agency is always looking for new, unique, and professional models.


JL David Agency recognizes that voice-over acting is a very specialized and unique talent.  As such, the agency has strategically invested in building its highly reputable Voice-Over Division that focuses on both commercial and animation voice-over projects. Throughout its existence, JL David Agency has represented some of the most sought after youth and adult television and film actors who enjoy the unique challenges afforded by voice-over work. Recognizing that not all talent agencies provide voice-over representation, JL David Agency is continually putting in the effort to make its voice-over division a leader in the country.