Who We Are

Talent is something that is not simply discovered.  It requires vision, dedication, and the personalized attention that an agency like JL David Agency can uniquely provide.  JL David Agency welcomes those individuals who equal its drive and dedication to become the best entertainment professionals in the business. 

JL David Agency takes pride in developing and nurturing the careers of actors who want to succeed in the competitive field of television and film. By choosing substance over size we are able to give personal attention to each of our actors while providing the film and television casting directors with a strong and diverse group of talent in the Southeast’s growing industry.  JL David Agency’s staff and agents are committed to finding creative and innovative ways to best service our clients and the entertainment industry. 

Our power and influence rest solely on our relationships. For over a decade we’ve developed industry connections built on truth and integrity. 
JL David Agency has enjoyed great success in taking established talent to the next level as well as re-launching name talent by creating strong relationships that lead to successful and lasting careers in all facets of the entertainment industry.


Our Team

With a wealth of experience working as actors and creatives within the industry, each associate at JL David Agency can offer vital support and guidance to those looking to succeed in the entertainment industry in today’s competitive climate. 

We pride ourselves on our honest approach and an open-door policy for each of our clients, making each relationship as important as the next, ensuring we are aiming for and achieving the same goals. 

As a full service agency our team has developed a hard-earned reputation for their ongoing professionalism, dedication and – most importantly – the gift for discovering and nurturing quality talent. To ensure our talent receives personalized attention and professional service we offer our clients guidance and work hard to build a solid foundation for a lifelong career of success. We pride ourselves on having a close personal relationship with each client and represent only the best of a broad range of outstanding talent focusing on each artist’s individual career need.

The development of each client’s career is very important to the associates here at JL David Agency. This has proved valuable in the ever growing reputation of the company, resulting in close working relationships with the best casting directors and proving successful in the secured credits for each of our clients.



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