Consulting + Strategy

We offer seasoned guidance to our clients in brand marketing and strategy, design, licensing, publishing, and public relations. Our talent pool includes illustrators, photographers, art directors, copywriters, creative directors, web designers, social media specialists, marketing strategists, and public relations resources. We tailor each project to your needs.

Branding + Design

We are expert branders and creative matchmakers. We have provided clients with thoughtfully curated teams, as well as provided seasoned knowledge and guidance in brand marketing, design, advertising, licensing, publishing, and public relations. Our experience in the field brings great insight and expertise into the mix. Our talent pool includes independent art directors, copywriters, creative directors, product and packaging designers, web designers, social media specialists, marketing strategists, boutique advertising agencies and public relations companies. Each project is uniquely tailored to a client’s individual needs and circumstances.



Social Media Management + Digital Marketing

JLD DIGITAL provides  clients with the latest and greatest in digital consultant services for the talent world, ahead of anyone else. With our clients influencing from all around the world our industry approved digital team was designed and operates on the highest of competitive levels; while still 100% focused and trained to delicately manage, grow and monetize any size accounts, on any/all platforms, equipped to fulfill any/all for-seen and the unforeseen intense pop culture demands, just to to ensure YOU STAY RELEVANT.

JLD DIGITAL is great for Movies, Companies, Actors, Musicians and much more!



We offer full service production services also. We have the resources and network of connections to orchestrate exceptional scenarios and find solutions for all creative visions. With a unique point of view and approach, our expertise and reliability is unparalleled.

Additional Production Services include:

  • Casting
  • Crew Bookings
  • Onsite Coordination
  • Scheduling & Travel Itineraries – Transportation


Really happy to have found J.L. David Talent Agency and Jenn David. A Stellar and superb team!

Stephanie Todd



We specialize in representing actors, models, musicians, singers, look-a-likes, real people, real families, kids, creative artists and industry pros. We are not afraid to take on new talent, new to the industry. We represent personalities that all people enjoy. Real People. Our collection is eclectic. We have comedians, ballerinas, bloggers, social influencers, stunt people, triathletes and gymnasts. We believe in representing the diverse cultures that makeup our societies. From babies to teenagers we have them.

On Camera Talent

  • Actors ( SAG/AFTRA and Non Union)
  • On Camera Hosts
  • Entertainers
  • Background

Off Camera Talent

  • Models
  • Singers
  • Musicians
  • Dancers
  • Live Event Hosts
  • Live Entertainment Groups
  • Voiceover Actors

Creative Services Talent

  • Fashion / Commercial photographers,
  • Wardrobe stylists,
  • Creative / Art Directors,
  • Hair and Makeup Artists
  • Graphic Illustrators
  •  3D animators

Industry Talent

  • Record Producers
  • Film Directors
  • Film Composer
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